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Tucson Games and Gadgets

Tucson Games and Gadgets is Tucson’s top-tier gaming environment. Your Place for all things FUN! Whether you’re looking for that special game, trying to find a gift for that hard-to-shop-for person in your life, or looking for something new, Tucson Games and Gadgets has the answer for you. We specialize in game players of all kinds and provide an environment to meet and exceed their needs. We have private game rooms available, hundreds of square feet of gaming table area and we stock the latest and the greatest new releases, as well as New and Used staples of the industry. From 40k to Catan or Magic the Gathering you won’t be disappointed! Come play with us!

Tuscon Games and Gadgets

The Brains Behind TGG: Your Management Staff

Michael Richards

Michael Richards was born and raised here in Tucson, Az. One of our resident ORCS grew up playing Soccer, Video Games, and Board Games. His game addiction comes from his step-dad owning a store down in Sierra Vista and as a child he did work around the store for booster packs of MTG. Michael enjoy all facets of nerdism even earning a prestigious award at the young age of 16 in the SCA, his AoA. He is an avid Board Gamer by day, and hardcore PC gamer by night and he definitely enjoys all games of all variety. One of his most recent top accolades was Winning a major Klask Tournament in 2019 bringing home a trophy to TGG. Yes he’s a world renown KLASK champion! Sometimes his competitiveness gets the better of him but in the end still plays to win.

Tuscon Games and Gadgets

Shane Terpstra

Whether creating combat rules used by him and his brothers playing with action figures as children in the early 80s, creating worlds for various role playing systems or as a level designer for video games, Shane has always had a serious love affair with rulesets, game lore and world building. Currently exploring new rpg systems he is presently in love with narrative based systems. (Fiasco anyone?) Being the elder statesman of TGG, Shane now has grandchildren and knows it is his duty to teach them a love of games after having done so with his three daughters. This has forced him to play less complicated and time-consuming games and focus on more casual and easy to learn titles. He regrets nothing.

Steven Furgason

Hailing from parts unknown Steve has skills beyond most people mental understanding. He loves setting up TGG’s many displays and an layouts through our both locations. He currently is the store manager of Tucson Games and Gadget’s Park Place location. He has been working in sales for over twelve years and has been a manager for the last five, his specialties include visual merchandising and logistics. He enjoys creating a fun and inviting experience for his customers and has goals to run his own business in the future. (WE WILL NEVER LET HIM LEAVE!)

Tuscon Games and Gadgets

A Special Thank you to our Foundation Builders


Mark Kadow

Tuscon Games and Gadgets

Chris Novellino

Tuscon Games and Gadgets

Arlene Rosen

Tuscon Games and Gadgets

Our History

  • June 2014

    Mark finds TGG and got to work creating an experience, unlike anything Tucson had ever seen. Also, Mark finds a Novellino hiding in the corner of TGG Prime!

  • August 2016

    Virtual Reality comes to TGG. Blood bath ensues as countless zombies are destroyed.

  • January 2017

    TGG Opens its doors in the TUCSON MALL. TGG is massive, with over 4500 sq feet of Gaming Paradise.

  • May 2018

    TGG PARK PLACE MALL, excitement abounds as this cozy, classy store starts to make a name for its self.

  • 2019

    Company Restructure from Sole Prop to LLC with Store expansion at Park Place

  • 2020

    Add the Short Rest Tavern to TGG at the Tucson Mall. Drunk Bards are now a thing at TGG.

  • 2021

    Expansion of TGG Tucson Mall Creating a Top notch Magic the Gathering Experience for all players..